Magical Deericorn Extraterrestrial Pendant

  • Magical Deericorn Extraterrestrial Pendant

In 2005 I wrote a story about the Deericorn (she didn't fit in) and in 2009 I created an acrylic silhouette pendant as a mascot for Miseducated. This turned into shirts, crystal-coated wall pendants, crystal shard pendants and more. I put Deericorns on hold for awhile because I sold them all and then unicorns BLEW UP and I wasn't sure what I planned to do with her. Now she is looking for a new home to call her own. She has been updated with some extraterrestrial vibes and she's ready to join you on any adventure you want to undertake! Her motto is, "Unconventional and loving it."

Each pendant includes:
• a gold chain
• Stamped with my POP CULT and Miseducated logos on the back
• Comes on a POP CULT card

POP CULT is a section of Miseducated products that honors the 1980s, pop culture and cute items we love to adore! Stay tuned for more goodies in the future.

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